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Site stats Overview

In-Depth Site Overview's Site Stats page provides a complete overview of your website's health and performance. Get a snapshot of your site's SEO success, including keyword rankings, traffic volumes, domain power (DP), and backlink count, all at a glance. This holistic view empowers you to make informed decisions for ongoing optimization.

Keyword tracking

Keyword Performance Tracking

With, monitor the performance of any keywords that drive traffic to your site. Our comprehensive tracking tools allow you to see which keywords are your strongest performers and which offer new opportunities for growth, helping you to prioritize your SEO efforts for maximum impact.

Website traffic analysis

Website Traffic Trends

Understand your website's traffic inside and out. offers detailed insights into your site's traffic trends over time and by location. Analyzing this data helps you identify where your visitors are coming from and how to better target potential customers, optimizing your reach and engagement.

Keyword history data

Monitor Your Top Pages

Discover which pages are your traffic powerhouses with Our Top Pages analysis shows you the estimated traffic volume for each page, allowing you to identify your most popular content and understand what resonates with your audience. Use these insights to replicate success across your site.

Competitor research

Competitor Research

Stay ahead of the curve by keeping an eye on your competitors.'s Competitor Domains feature gives you a peek into the sites you're up against, so you can benchmark your stats and strategize accordingly.

Site Stats Tool

All the tools you need for in-depth website and competitor analysis to boost your SEO strategy.

Comprehensive Site Overview delivers a full spectrum analysis of your site's statistics, revealing key metrics like total traffic, keyword distribution, and backlink profiles. Gain actionable insights into your site's health and performance, paving the way for strategic improvements and better search engine visibility.

Historical Keyword Positioning

Track your website's keyword rankings over time with's Historical Keyword Positioning. This powerful feature allows you to see the trajectory of your keywords, understand the impact of your SEO actions, and adjust your tactics based on proven results. Make informed decisions with data that reflects your site's performance in the SERPs over time.

Traffic by Location

Understand your audience better with's Traffic by Location analysis. Discover which geographical areas are bringing the most visitors to your site and tailor your content to cater to those regions. Optimizing for location-specific traffic can lead to increased engagement and conversions, helping you target your marketing efforts more effectively.

Domain Power and Backlink Quality

Assess the strength of your site with detailed domain power metrics and backlink quality assessments from Find out how your site's authority measures up in the digital space and use this data to forge stronger SEO strategies that elevate your standing in search results.

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