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Keyword Research

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Keyword Overview

In-Depth Keyword Overview

Our comprehensive Overview feature delves into search volumes, competition levels, and cost-per-click data, providing you with a solid foundation to build a winning SEO strategy. Check out a fresh related and phrase match keywords along with a fresh SERP for every keyword.

Keyword ideas

Phrase Match Keywords

Our Phrase Match tool offers a treasure trove of closely related terms, helping you capture a wider audience. Seamlessly find variations of your target keywords, and ensure your content aligns perfectly with user intent and search trends.

Keyword Suggestions

Related Keywords

Broaden your SEO horizons with our Related Keywords feature, which unveils terms and queries connected to your primary keyword. identifies the phrases your audience is searching for, giving you the edge to optimize your content and ascend the SERP rankings.

Keyword history data

Search Volume Trends

Leverage past data for future success.'s Historical Search Volume tool tracks keyword popularity over time, empowering you with insights to predict trends and capitalize on them before your competition does.

Fresh results page

Competitive SERP Analysis

Stay ahead of the competition with's competitor domains tracking. Understand your competitors' backlink strategies and leverage this knowledge to craft a superior SEO approach that puts you at the forefront of your industry.

Affordable Keyword Research Tool

All the tools you need for in-depth keyword analysis to boost your SEO strategy.

Extensive Keyword Analytics provides exhaustive insights into your target keywords, offering data on search volumes, competition, and trends. Understanding these metrics helps you to identify high-impact keywords and optimize your content for search engines, driving valuable traffic to your site.

Gauge Keyword Difficulty

Assess the competitive landscape with our Keyword Difficulty metric. helps you measure how challenging it would be to rank for your desired keywords, enabling you to prioritize your efforts effectively and focus on the most attainable targets.

Search Volume and CPC Data

Explore search patterns and cost-per-click data for your keywords with Our tool gives you the knowledge to forecast budgeting for paid campaigns and predict organic search success, ensuring a high ROI on your marketing endeavors.

SERP Analysis and Optimization

Stay one step ahead by analyzing your competitors' backlink strategies. reveals where they're getting their links from, so you can target similar sources and carve out a competitive edge in your market.

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